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 London, England
 East London, England
 Rhayader, Wales
 South Shields, England
 Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
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Top Reviews in London, England:

All Star Hostel Read all 3 full reviews for All Star Hostel

30 Chatsworth Road
Good place to stay if you want a quite place to chill out after a day spent shopping and sight seein ...
Thank you all star hostel. You made my trip to London so easy I just felt like I was at home but in  ...
Great hostel, in a quiet, more residential area, but only 20 mins from central London.   Nice to h ...

Clink78 Hostel Read all 8 full reviews for Clink78 Hostel

78 King' S Cross Road
good site can be trusted ...
Hi,  Clink is the best solution to stay in London when you come by Eurostar from Paris. 5 min walk ...
Very youth oriented ...

Phoenix Hostel Read 1 full review for Phoenix Hostel

6 Daventry Street
Cool place to be, very close to all tourist attractions. The staff were really cool. I came here wit ...

Central London Place Read 1 full review for Central London Place

Hi, I'm aziz from malaysia looking for a reasonable price and comfortable home to stay from 31st may ...

Stay in Chelsea Read all 169 full reviews for Stay in Chelsea

7 Brechin Place
I arrived at nine o´clock on the 14th of decembe, and found it extremely difficult to get in c ...
Cet hébergement est a éviter quoi qu'il en soit ! Une chambre sale, pas d ampoules dan ...

Brick Lane Apartment Read all 61 full reviews for Brick Lane Apartment

85A Angel Alley, 85A Whitechapel High Street
One cannot expect more for this price. Room and bed was clean, contact guy Hugo was helpful, kitcen  ...
Super accueil appartement convenable pour le prix ,quartier animé c est sur jy reviendrais ...
When we booked Bricklane we had low expectations, London is expensive so we figured simple, clean go ...

Angels Guesthouse Read all 23 full reviews for Angels Guesthouse
86 Offord Road
The place is not located at the address listed here, they did not change it although my complain one ...
Typisches Low-Budged Hostel. Nichts was wirklich negativ auffällt..  Gute Lage. ...

Kings Cross Road Read all 81 full reviews for Kings Cross Road
175 King's Cross Road
We stood there for two days with my wife to be and enjoyed it. It was clean, quiet and near King's C ...
Nice location, perfect to reach most of London city centre in 20 minutes. Nice room, very clean. Str ...
Hotel address is not the one stated on the website, hotel is at swinton street. Room very dirrty, ha ...

Top Reviews in East London, England:

Cranbrook Hotel Read 1 full review for Cranbrook Hotel

22/24 Coventry Road,
We traveled as a couple for 2 nights here at the Hotel. The moment you walked in there was a very fr ...

House 176 London Read 1 full review for House 176 London
176 Commercial Road
the place is nice, location is good, the staff is friendly. I stayed in one of the apt in 519 commer ...

Top Reviews in Rhayader, Wales:

The Horseshoe Guest House Hotel Read 1 full review for The Horseshoe Guest House Hotel

The Horseshoe
A lovely place to stay while in Rhayader. We had a wonderful 4 days there. Breakfast was placed in a ...

Top Reviews in South Shields, England:

Annie's Guest House Read 1 full review for Annie's Guest House

Bed and breakfast
Loved our stay at this Guest House. You can tell that this property is loved by its owners. It had e ...

Top Reviews in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales:

Penrhadw Farm Holiday Cottages Read 1 full review for Penrhadw Farm Holiday Cottages

Penrhadw Farm
This Hotel was one of the best hotels I've stayed in last few years. The Staff were hands on and ver ...

Penrhadw Farm Read all 2 full reviews for Penrhadw Farm

Penrhadw Farm
Beautiful surroundings, fabulous room and a really nice choice for breakfast, all well cooked and pr ...
We stayed in one of the bigger cottages. Really nice breakfast both mornings (really tasty Jams!). I ...

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Northern Ireland

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