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Top Reviewed Locations:
 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
 Flic en Flac, Mauritius
 Johannesburg, South Afr...
 Trou aux Biches, Maurit...
 Laudium, South Africa
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 Mauritius Tanzania
 South Africa

Top Reviews in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:

Mbezi Beach Home Rental Read all 3 full reviews for Mbezi Beach Home Rental

123 Mbezi Beach
Self catering
Mbezi beach apartments are actually three attached two bedroom guest houses at Mbezi beach an afflue ...
Ich (39J.) war mit meinem Sohn (15J.) zwei Wochen in Mbezi Beach. Die Wohnung war sauber, gut ausges ...
My girlfriend and Irented an apartment for 17 nights.   An excellent professionally run business.  ...

Juba Hotel Read all 3 full reviews for Juba Hotel

Mafia Street/ Livingstone
dear Juba hotel     how are you l read about your hotel and l would like to know more informatio ...
Lovely place with good array of TV channels and a tv in every room, spacious and breezy, nice view o ...

Transit Motel - Airport Read all 130 full reviews for Transit Motel - Airport

Off Nyerere Rd
Bed and breakfast
We always enjoy staying at Transit because it is just 5 minutes from the airport. There is a very ef ...
Great hotel with good customer service ...
Booked hotel and got a confirmation. At arrival, the desk lady told us the motel was lost, and didn& ...

Transit Motel Ukonga Read all 15 full reviews for Transit Motel Ukonga

Plot 7 Pugu/ Segerea Rds
Bed and breakfast
Nice for transit visitors ...
We spend only 1 night becouse the day after we must toke the fly to arusha.  The hotel is very noi ...
the Transit Motel Ukanga is a nice and quit palce close to teh airport of dar es salaam and ideal fo ...

New Bondeni Hotel Read all 2 full reviews for New Bondeni Hotel

Wazazi Street,
the hospitality at the hotel is just outstanding. new bondeni hotel really defines hospitality.....t ...
This a rather new hotel. However, I experienced the following: (1) no bottle water for sale in the  ...

Amans Paradise Annex House Read 1 full review for Amans Paradise Annex House

Pamba Street
Bed and breakfast
I had booked a room there  when I finally found the place (difficult) task, I was happy to stay at ...

Relax Motel - Majumba Sita Street Read all 3 full reviews for Relax Motel - Majumba Sita Street

Majumba Sita Street
I stayed one night at this motel on the 5th of Jan 2013. I was in transit so I had a good amount of  ...
I stayed one night at this motel on the 5th of Jan 2013. I was in transit so I had a good amount of  ...
I stayed one night at this motel on the 5th of Jan 2013. I was in transit so I had a good amount of  ...

Top Reviews in Flic en Flac, Mauritius:

Villa Osumare Read all 129 full reviews for Villa Osumare

Villa Osumare 10 Avenue Moulin Casse
Nachdem wir in Trou aux Biches in eine Hotel waren haben wir uns für die zweite Woche für  ...
Ubytování bylo hezké a čisté, cítila sem se tam jako doma. Skvě ...
Wir haben wunderschöne, erholsame Tage in dieser familiären, super sauberen Villa verbrach ...

Maurivillas Read 1 full review for Maurivillas

Morcellement Bismic
Nous sommes 2 familles comprenant :  - 2 adultes + 1 enfant (7 ans) + 1 bébé  - 2  ...

Top Reviews in Johannesburg, South Africa:

G-Lodge Read 1 full review for G-Lodge

10 Derby Road
Bed and breakfast
We had a very nice 2 nights of relaxing here for sure. Its located very close to Johannesburg Intern ...

Lodge and Backpacker Rosebank Read all 15 full reviews for Lodge and Backpacker Rosebank

219 Jan Smuts Avenue
Affordable, pleasant and relaxing ...
I met my future wife at Rosebank Backpackers, no other place that I have been to had such awesome pe ...
I would like to give my sincere appreciation for the hospitality that i was give when i was in Rose  ...

BudgetBedz Hostels Read 1 full review for BudgetBedz Hostels

Esher Road
Patrick and the all staff were so nice.  We thought we'r going to recieve a bed and that's it, but ...

Sleek Backpacker Read all 5 full reviews for Sleek Backpacker

477 Jan Smuts Avenue
Nice and secure properties ...
I stayed at the Sleek for 2 days in March. I found the staff at the front desk very pleasant and he ...
I made reservation for a room with 2 beds and got a room with a 1 double bed. This is not nice when  ...

African Moon Corporate House Read 1 full review for African Moon Corporate House

63 Rietfontein Road
We had a great experience at African Moon and would certainly recommend it to others. The service w ...

Accoustix@Grant's Read all 11 full reviews for Accoustix@Grant's

477 Jan Smuts Avenue
Clean and very nice bedroom, standard bathroom. Very friendly staf . Close to Randburg Mall with lot ...
Thanks had a lovely stay! ...
there was a robbery in the hostal 3 hours after we landed there, two rooms were broken into by prior ...

The Melville Palm Read 1 full review for The Melville Palm

83 2Nd Ave
If your looking for a really accommodation for a great price, than you will enjoy this Hotel. We had ...

Grace and Gift Guesthouse Read 1 full review for Grace and Gift Guesthouse

6 Gordon Road Bertrams
We unexpectedly needed a place to stay near Johannesburg. The staff were friendly, helpful and under ...

Gemini Backpackers Lodge Read all 2 full reviews for Gemini Backpackers Lodge

1 Van Gelder Street
Me and my girlfriend stayed for two days before heading to Zimbabwe, our first time in southern afri ...
Dear Director,  how I must to pay for booking.  The hotel is near to the centre of Johannesburg  ...

The Lodge and Backpacker Monte Casino Read all 17 full reviews for The Lodge and Backpacker Monte Casino

79 Albatross Drive
The place has not changed. bad service. There are roaches all over the floors. And the managers stea ...
Its filthy, none of the bathrooms are clean, I think  you'll actually pick up a few diseases if yo ...
There is a lot to do and see in this part of Johannesburg.  I found the place very neat and clean  ...

Top Reviews in Trou aux Biches, Mauritius:

Aqua Sur Mer Read all 9 full reviews for Aqua Sur Mer

Aqua Sur Mer Complex
Self catering
We booked a 3-week stay at the Villa aquar sur Met. The place ist well equiped with everything one n ...
L appartement est de taille tres convenable pour 2, clair et propre. La terrasse tres agreable pour  ...
We spent a wonderful fortnight in TaB. Nice setting, very quite. All you need - little foodstalls, s ...

Top Reviews in Laudium, South Africa:

Laudium Bed and Breakfast Read 1 full review for Laudium Bed and Breakfast
150 Himalaya Street, Laudium
Bed and breakfast
I am still waiting for my refund. Thank you ...

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