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Самые дешевые цены:

Tirana, Albania

Destil Hostelцены от €9
Tirana, Rr. Qemal Gurnjaku, 1001 Tirana, Albania   
Hostel - Destil is a mix of functions that complement each other offers you the possibility to interact in a social space. In Destil you can spend a day filled of different activities.
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Traveller Albania Hostelцены от €11
Tirana, Rruga Pjetër Budi, 25/1   
Hostel - The building is located in an old Tirana neighborhood. It is a red brick nice little house with a warm garden. The atmosphere inside is warm and welcoming. Our staff will cheer you up in a pleasant way. You just book!
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Starhostelцены от €30
Tirana, Rruga E Dibres Qender   
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BB Tirana Smileцены от €30
Tirana, Rruga E Bogdaneve   
Bed and breakfast - Situato nel centro storico della capitale, il nuovo B&B Tirana Smile è l’ambiente ideale per alloggiare durante il soggiorno a Tirana. Con il suo posizionamento vicino al centro, ai luoghi d'interesse turistico e culturale e alle istituzi
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Nobel Hotel
Пользовательская оценка:  4.5   (Читать 2 отзывы)
цены от €34
Tirana, Rruga Urani Pano, Nr 9, Tirana   
Отель - Воспользуйтесь расслабиться и комфорт наших номеров, из гостеприимс
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City Hotel Tirana
Пользовательская оценка:  4.7   (Читать отзывы)
цены от €40
Tirana, Rruga Ismail Qemali, Nr. 8/1   
Отель - Новый открытый отель, высокого стандарта в самом прекрасном районе
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Iliadaцены от €40
Tirana, Tirane, Sh2   
Hotel - hotel, hotele ne tirane, Tirana, Albania
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Hermesцены от €40
Tirana, Rr. Vaso Pasha   
Hotel - This 4 star Hotel is Located in the famous district of Blloku full of restaurants, bars, shops
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Golden City Hotelцены от €60
Tirana, Rruga Him Kolli 45/4   
Hotel - Hotels in Tirana Albania Hotel Golden City
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Hotel Ferrariцены от €60
Tirana, Rr. Don Bosko   
Bed and breakfast - located only a few minutes from the center of Tirana, Albania, in a quite location, where you will find yourselves in a relaxed and pleasurable atmosphere.
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As Tirana Hotelцены от €60
Tirana, Rr Reshit Petrela, Kompleksi Usluga   
Hotel - Centrally located at the beginning of Tirana’s main boulevard, AS Tirana Hotel welcomes guests with intuitive and friendly services. Our spacious and contemporary furnished rooms, situated on the top floor provide an intimate enclave in the heart of
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Hotel Victoriaцены от €65
Tirana, St. Dibres 331/1 Pobox:1001   
Hotel - Hotel Victoria Tirana
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Victoria Hotelцены от €70
Tirana, Rr. Dibres. 33I. H. I. Tirana/ Albania   
Hotel - Excellent Hotel
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Shkoder, Albania

Pemaj Hostelцены от €13
Shkoder, N. Skenderbeg, Street Doktor Lito   
Hostel - Shkodra is a beauty between beauties, and by us you will feel like a king or queen enjoying this magnificent beauty ...
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Florian Guest Houseцены от €20
Shkoder, Florian Shkodra Guesthouse Reparti Ushtarak, Shtoj I Ri, Shk   
Hostel - Stay and live with our Family in northern Albania!
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Hotel Kompleksi Arifiцены от €40
Shkoder, Rr. Mbreti Gent, Xhabiej   
Hotel - Enjoy a wonderful destination, inspired by an extraordinary landscape, provided by Lake Skadar. Infinity of services, according to our standards of hospitality, 24 hours without interruption. Arifi Complex is located near Lake of Shkodra.
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Ksamil, Albania

Villa Soannaцены от €35
Ksamil, Ksamil Albania   
Villa - Η Villa Soanna βρίσκετε στο Ksamil σε καλή τοποθεσία με θέα.
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Vila Laura Pashaцены от €40
Ksamil, Road " Hasan Tahsini "   
Villa - Come and make your holiday unforgettable. With us you will find all conditions need.Perfect for families and couples. Welcome all who are interested to come to our villa and have nice holiday in Ksamil. Thankyou to everyone
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Oruci Apartments
Пользовательская оценка:  4.1   (Читать 2 отзывы)
цены от €45
Ksamil, Tafil Buzi   
Vacation rental - Holiday apartment.
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Velipoje, Albania

Kraja Residenceцены от €40
Velipoje, Rruga Nr. 2   
Apartment - Located in Velipojë, Kraja Residence features 3 apartments of 85m2
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Himare, Albania

Magic Ionian Apartment Roomsцены от €40
Himare, Potam   
Apartment - "Magic Ionian Apartments & Rooms" is built not just near the sea but only a single step from the beach. It offers a private beach area. You can enjoy breathtaking sea view !
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Vlore, Albania

Mediterranean Holidaysцены от €45
Vlore, Street " Aleksander Moisiu"   
Self catering - Heart of the Mediterranean
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Dhermi, Albania

Vila Bejaцены от €50
Dhermi, Road Drimades   
Hotel - dh
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Durres, Albania

Adriatic Apartmentsцены от $60
Durres, Hekurudha Plazh   
Квартира - Комфортные и удобные квартиры на пляже Дуррес. Узнай о последних нео
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Vivas Hotelцены от €70
Durres, Rruga Pavaresia   
Hotel - Nearby the city of Durres, just a kilometer away from the motorway leading to Tirana, you can find our holiday resort, ideally situated to enjoy the beaches of the Adriatic Sea. A five-story high building, “Vivas” prides itself on the exquisit
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