€105 mỗi đêm
€105 mỗi đêm
Campervan Rental - Wild Side Campers, Peniche, Portugal

Campervan Rental - Wild Side Campers

Peniche, Portugal - Avenida Monsenhor Bastos 33

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Sự miêu tả - Caravan/Camping park

The campervan is the best and coolest way for those who want to hit the road and explore different countrys in a free and independent way. Wherever you travel with your friends or family seeking the best surf spots in permanet contact with nature, in a campervan you will find adventure and a new life experience that's guaranteed.

Our campervans gahter accommodation of a house and the mobility of a car, allowing you to find, in a low cost budget vacations, the best of what our country or another european country has to offer.

Our campervans Comfort-Model can carry up to 4 people and come with the basic equipment that cannot be missed before you start your road trip:
  Arrival kit: tea, coffee, sugar, salt, toilet paper, matches, dish detergent and mop.
  Kitchen kit: Bowl with drainer, frying pan, cooking set, knifes, cups, mugs, dishes, bowls, spoons, forks, handles, kitchen cloth and table cloth.
  First aid kit.
  Portugal road map.
  Mattresses protections.
  Bottle of butane gas k6.
  Chemical toilet bottles.

Main Features:
  Carry 4 people
  2 double beds
- Private bathroom with hot water
  Kitchen zone
  Meal zone with removable table
  Swivel front seats
  Air conditioning
  Extra equipment for additional hire
  Fully equipped vehicles
  Best price in the market
  No charges for basic equipment
  24h Assistance
  Unlimited km\'s/miles
  No parking restrictions

  • Campervan Rental - Wild Side Campers, Peniche, Portugal, Portugal khách sạn và ký túc xá
  • Campervan Rental - Wild Side Campers, Peniche, Portugal, Đảm bảo giá tốt nhất cho khách sạn và ký túc xá trong Peniche
Vũ trụ
  • Loại tài sản: Caravan/Camping park
  • Caravan/camping park phòng / căn hộ: 4
Caravan/camping park phòng trọ

Giá thấp nhất có sẵn: €105

Caravan/camping park tiện nghi

Included equipment and customised interior
  Thermal and acoustic insulation
  2 double beds
  Different storage areas
  Living area with removable dining table
  Swivel front seats
  Safety deposit box
  Electrical socket 12v and 220v
  Water tank 120L
  Battery power: solar panel batteries + 2 auto-recharge
  Fire extinguisher

  Hot water
  Shower cabin
  Sink and versatile faucet
  Chemical toilet with auto flush

Kitchen zone
  Sink with hot water
  Versatile faucet extends outside
  Gas stove 2 burner with auto-start
  Spacious fridge 80L+10L freezer

Tiện nghi trong phòng

A/C climate control Refrigerator Safe box in room Television not available

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Chi tiết giá

€105 mỗi đêm

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Early Booking Discount: -5€/day; Rentals above 15 days: -5€/day

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Trừ khi có quy định khác, thanh toán đặt chỗ không được hoàn lại.

A) To carry out the reservation, the hirer will pay 50% of the global rental amount. This amount will be submitted to cancelling taxes referred on F) of the present clause.

B) The confirmation of each reservation will be made after good collection regarding the agreed amounts.

C) To assure the vehicle’s delivery on the rental period initial date, the hirer is bound to pay the remaining 50% of the global rental amount, until 10 days before the rental beginning. The lack of payment will be considered as reservation cancellation, submitted to the taxes referred on F) of the present clause.

D) If the hirer wishes to make any change to the previous reservation, he should contact the Rental Firm and will submit to the vehicle availability at the moment.

E) – The Rental Firm must approve each and any change to the reservation. Any non-approved change results on the reservation cancelation, and submits to the taxes described on F) of the present clause.

F) If the Hirer cancels the reservation made, it will be applicable the following cancelation taxes in favour of The Rental Firm:
- Until 31 days before the rental beginning: no cost for the Hirer;
- Between 30 and 15 days before rental beginning: 50% the total amount paid on reservation;
- Between 15 and 7 days before rental beginning: the total amount paid on reservation;
- Less than 7 days before rental beginning: rental’s total amount.

Vị trí - Caravan/Camping park

Avenida Monsenhor Bastos 33
Leiria (Distrito de Leiria)
Portugal  2520-206

Vĩ độ: 39.35957, Kinh độ: -9.36809

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Airport Pick Up and Delivery Service: on request.

Sân bay gần nhất: Lisbon Airport (89km)